Monday, March 31, 2008

PSI Seminars PLD Videos Now on Youtube

PSI Seminars has recently been putting videos on Youtube. These videos capture some of the thousands of service projects that PSI Seminars graduates have volunteered for over the last 35 years. With over 1,000,000 hours volunteered worldwide since 1973, PSI Seminars has proven it's dedication to making a change in this world.

From local rural community schools, to Tahitian villages, graduates of the PLD program offered by
PSI Seminars have traveled near and far. Recently over 200 Phoenix and Las Vegas graduates traveled to the middle east to volunteer and be of service to the third world.

In a region ridden with war and societal conflict, what makes
PSI Seminars graduates so willing to risk their lives to travel to an unknown land only to offer their time as free volunteers? The answer can be found by attending any of the PSI Seminars course, but in particular, the foundational course, the PSI Seminars Basic.

At the
PSI Seminars Basic one of the main guiding principles that is introduced is the powerful statement, Givers Gain. This simple yet eloquent expression is fundamental to an idea, and that idea is the spiritually beneficial expression of giving to another human without the expectation of any material beneficial return. This concept is so powerful to living a life full of success and liberty that it has been passed from generation to generation of the wealthiest humans.

Take a moment to think about that statement. This simple idea has actually been taught and encouraged and can be traced through the majority of the literate world. Indeed, most all world powers and historical civilizations understood the need to give to other humans. Some call it charity, some tithing,
PSI Seminars calls it giving. And it is this mindset, that is the paradigm shift needed to transition from a life of selfishness and personal obsession to a life of selflessness and personal liberty.

PSI Seminars teaches that for one to truly attain liberty, which is the goal of the PSI Seminars courses, one must continually be of service to man by giving back. Many have heard the phrase, to those who much has been given, much is expected, and yet how many truly enjoy the benefits of living this way.

In a day and age where our culture and country still enjoys a standard of living on a level never dreamed of by most of the world, many people still have not found the gift that giving will provide in their lives.
PSI Seminars graduates have learned this and as the videos show, it truly makes a difference.

PSI Seminars Basic teaches that as humans, we require balance, therefore our need for spiritual fulfillment is just as important as our physical need for sustenance. Throughout the earth, humans find spiritual nourishment from many sources. For many, organized religion or meditation fills this need, yet for others giving back to mankind provides a spiritual harmony and connection with the human experience.

For those who seek spiritual fulfillment, try giving. It provides a richness and depth with the soul that is rarely matched. To see the faces of those less fortunate, to see the difference your giving can make, and to feel the appreciation for the others who also gave, these experiences have a profound long lasting effect on your soul.

PSI Seminars is not in any way a doctrine, but the principles that are conveyed encourage a balanced life, and therefore as spiritual beings humans require that area of life be fulfilled. A life full of giving can help with providing this balance.

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